Andrew is the big cheese who rules over D-Cell with a fist harder than well-aged gouda. His parmesan wheelhouse is broad: he’s in charge of direction, art, programming, and disagreeing with RJ over story bits. When he isn’t melting together the delicious fondue that is UNBEATABLE, he’s doing many other things – like playing video games, watching sad anime, and not working on UNBEATABLE.


Jeffrey is UNBEATABLE’s producer and level designer. He keeps the team in check and builds the amazing beatmaps that accompany Peak Divide’s soundtrack. Outside of UNBEATABLE, he also works on several other games as the director of Sky Hour Works.

Plays Final Fantasy XIV all of the time.


RJ lake has, and we write this with no hint of irony, continuously failed upwards in his weird career by virtue of bouncing from accident to accident and talking too much. Homestuck was just a small thing he was helping out with for fun and a quick buck, until it wasn’t. He’s handling music supervision and writing. Grandma Death is his fault.


TJ’s musical journey started by playing drums for rock bands that regularly pushed sound pressure levels far past safe listening limits, but he eventually waned on the aggressive use of volume in order to study the sorcery that is jazz composition. By contributing these skills in his work for Peak Divide, he assists in providing the driving force that is the UNBEATABLE soundtrack.


As a baby, he crawled out of the Siberian front with an IV drip-bag filled with sunflower seed oil. Practicing the piano every day on his journey to the D-Cell HQ, Vasily seeks to make meticulously designed music to warm up everybody’s lives.


Rachel Lundin is an illustrator who also provides vocal talent. She also has a hand in other areas of development, most notably derailing meetings.