D-Cell Games launched a new teaser today to announce an upcoming Kickstarter set for April 6;

It’s best the teaser here speaks for itself:

In short, UNBEATABLE will have a Kickstarter Campaign running from April 6th to May 7th. A full trailer for the game is released, and a demo titled UNBEATABLE [white label] is announced to come to both Steam and at a later date. UNBEATABLE [white label] is a standalone release that acts as both a teaser for and a supplement to UNBEATABLE. [white label] will receive periodic updates that add new beatmaps and narrative content, eventually forming a complete stand-alone narrative. People can wishlist UNBEATABLE [white label] here:

UNBEATABLE’s pre-launch Kickstarter page is also now available, and can be accessed here to follow the project:

Peak Divide, the game’s primary composer team, will be releasing tracks for white label’s OST, UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES, on April 6th for both Bandcamp and Steam, with new songs launching to coincide alongside [white label]’s updates.

The game’s press kit is now officially live as well:


UNBEATABLE is a narrative adventure game with rhythm action mechanics where music is illegal and you do crimes.


    • Explore a strange world with terrible people, advancing a day-and-night cycle doing whatever you please – whether that be helping others, practicing with your band, or sleeping in.
    • Vibrant anime-esque aesthetic incorporating lots, and lots, and lots of hand-drawn animation
    • Simple but deep rhythm mechanics powering a not insignificant part of the game
    • Endlessly replayable arcade mode for anyone who Craves the Scores.
    • Accessibility options broad enough to allow anybody, even those intimidated by rhythm games, to play through the story (and maybe even like the rhythm game part too…maybe…)
    • A feature list that is an unmitigated success at turning a complicated piece of artistic expression into a series of easily-reducible bullet points


D-CELL GAMES is a remotely operated studio that believes that the best way to make something that actually works as a crowd pleaser is to make the crowd hate you before winning them back. They don’t seek to only imitate the things we love; they want to understand them. UNBEATABLE, a narratively-driven rhythm game, is their first project.